Functional Fitness: Taking Health Breaks During Teleworking

Functional Fitness: Taking Health Breaks During Teleworking

Our bodies were meant to move. Research has shown that physical activity decreases depression. According to some studies, it can also decrease feelings of anxiety. Teleworking from home has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. One of the most tragic is that, being home alone, we sometimes forget all about being active, especially when nothing prompts us to do so. When either weather or the lack of dedicated space doesn't remind us how important it is to take regular activity breaks, we easily forget about physical activity. But the human body wasn't really built for sitting in front of a computer all day.

Here are three ways to take health breaks during your telework day:

1.) Stretch it Out - Stretching is important, especially if you are at a desk all day. I find it makes me feel better, and it actually helps my productivity. Take a few minutes to stand up and stretch the muscles in your legs, arms, and hands every once in a while. It will help clear the cobwebs and reset your focus.

2.) Go for a Walk - Going for a walk is relaxing and it's a great way to clear your head and unwind. Walking is also good cardiovascular exercise. Not only does it help you to lose fat and gain muscle by burning off excess calories, but it also helps to regulate your blood pressure, lower your blood sugar levels, help you to gain energy and decrease fatigue levels, and reduce your risk of getting the flu. Walking every day for 30 minutes can make a huge difference in your health. But even a walk to the mailbox and back can make your day better.

3.) Hydrate! - Drinking enough water is important for your body. You've probably heard that you need 8 glasses of water each day, and while this isn't a hard requirement, it doesn't really hurt either. When you get dehydrated, it impacts all the muscles and organs in your body. Drinking tons of water is a great way to help flush toxins that build up in your system. I notice huge differences in my well-being when I drink at least two liters of water a day. Be sure to check out our line of water bottles!

As always, see your Primary Care Provider to get clearance to exercise, choose activities you enjoy, and get your fitness gear at Functional Fitwear, because everyone working to be their best should have the opportunity to look their best at every size!