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Or should we say Selfie Jug?
Ready For An Instant Sweat?


The 91 Oz Water Jug will help you stay hydrated and holds your cell phone with a strong magnet for your next gym selfie, see your Trainer on video chat or see your fitness app as you move. The opposite side of your Water Jug is full of your daily reminders to drink up!

Now that's function.



Consistent physical activity is a mood booster. Our bodies are meant to move. See your Primary Care Provider, get clearance to exercise, choose what you enjoy and get your fitness gear.

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This is a brand collection of Fitness Apparel and Fitness Gear ALL inspired by our Exclusive Faith Gear. Our goal is to have you equipped with all of the latest fitness fashion and to have you looking and feeling good.

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Sha's Favorite Look

The Snow Leopard Set with the Black Opulence DIVA Bottle which is 17 Oz of hand crystallized rhinestones for those who have to keep it cute, is a whole vibe! Grab your Neon Green EasyFit Rope and your really ready to make moves!

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