From Functional Fitness to Functional Living: An Interview with cFIT Founder and Owner Coach Carmelle

From Functional Fitness to Functional Living: An Interview with cFIT Founder and Owner Coach Carmelle

As an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, Coach Carmelle has made waves with her innovative approach to functional fitness. As the Founder and Owner of cFIT, she has developed a program that focuses on building strength and stamina through practical exercises that translate to real-world movements. In our recent interview, we had the opportunity to discuss her background, her philosophy on fitness, and her vision for the future of cFIT. Her passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals shines through in every aspect of her work, and we are thrilled to share her insights with the community. Read on to learn more about this inspiring leader in the fitness industry!
Q: What does cFIT stand for, what was your passion to start and when did your business start?
A: My business cFIT Coaching started 12 yrs ago, to help others prevent chronic illness. Illness doesn’t have to be our story and I want to help others so they don’t feel they have to follow our genetic trajectory. Fitness moves me but nutrition drives me. The C in cFIT stands for : Courage, Community
Collective, Character, Confidence, Classy, Clarity, Connection, Consistency, Capitalize, Complete and more! I have also started a group around wellness call The Collective.
The Collective is a group of women discussing their health, wellness, selfcare, fitness, nutrition and how we view ourselves.
Q: What do you believe is the most important aspect of helping someone reach their health and wellness goals?
A: Knowing they are not alone-Especially when it comes to eating. When you feel like your not , alone, you realize that it’s doable. You can come from a place of empowerment instead of restriction.

Q: How have you seen your clients change and grow as a result of your guidance?
A: I see people change based on even a conversation and that makes my heart happy! I’ve had clients call unsolicited and say they’re A1C is down! I know the Collective can be the missing factor because of community that it offers. A support system is so important. Our environment can either help us flourish or be our demise.
Q: In fitness there are a lot trends on how to move, new devices, what to eat, what to wear-Does CFIT incorporate that or do you prefer to stick with what you know brings results?
A: I stick with the basics and I encourage others to stay strong and resilient based on what they like to do or want to explore. One thing is not for all.
Q: In your experience, what are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to improve their health and fitness?
A: Thinking they have to starve themselves. It’s about being satiated and doing it the right way. I never recommend giving up a major food group. My goal is to support lifestyle changes.
Q: How do you motivate people to stick with their fitness program?
A: I emphasize how resilient, strong and amazing our bodies are. “Be good to your body and your body will be good to you” I ask people to envision their 80 yr old self-what do you want to look like at 80. You are taking care of your 80 year old self right now. Live well and take good care of “her”.
Q: What are your favorite tips and for making healthy eating choices?
A: Transitioning is key. Sometimes it doesn't even take long to stick with new nutrition choices. Give it chance. It’s about making the decision.
Q: Do you create individualized meal plans and workouts to meet each client’s needs?
A: No unless a client requests support based on their preferences and what they like and support introducing new things. Find something new in the produce section, take it home and try it.
Q: What do you think are the best benefits of regular exercise?
A: Feeling good in my skin for me. If your exercising for vanity, I’ve got your back too and knowing I’m taking control of my physical fitness.

Mood/Longevity and maintain ability.
Q: What advice do you have for people looking to start a new fitness program?
A: Don’t think this is short term, this is a life long commitment. We’re kickstarting a lifetime commitment. “We’s married now “

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*Coach Carmelle is based in NY and accepts in-person and virtual clients as a Fitness Instructor.

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